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Riconoscimento Regione Puglia n. 172

In enhancing the ancient crafts and typical products we start from a fixed point: in the many peasant houses of our territory up to 50 years ago people lived by buying only salt and matches. Our proposal for experiential tourism and educational workshops, aimed at tourists and students, starts from this premise, some examples of which are presented below.

LAB 01: Visit to the typical peasant house of Gravina in Puglia

Visit to the typical peasant house of Gravina in Puglia, retracing the history of the peasant civilization that lived in a context of substantial self-production with zero waste. The "museum" house preserves many historical details of artisan building and furniture;

LAB 02: Didactic laboratory of terracotta with the construction of typical whistles such as the Cola Cola of Gravina in Puglia

Didactic terracotta workshop with the construction of the typical Gravinese Cola Cola whistles. It starts from the clay sausage, the three bells are created, they are modeled, joined and remodeled. In the lower phase, we start with cooked whistles and proceed with the coloring of the bands up to personalization and packaging. Each participant takes home their own personalized cola cola whistle

LAB 03: Didactic laboratory of the grain and / or legumes supply chain

Didactic laboratory of the grain and / or legumes supply chain with production of fresh pasta or bread or biscuits. It starts with the presentation of the plants, the phases of ancient harvesting and / or harvesting of legumes are explained, they are cleaned with the force of the wind alone, the milling is simulated and starts with the dough. All the participants put their hands in the dough. We will produce potentially edible finished derivatives.

LAB 04: Didactic laboratory for the production of jam and / or vegetable preserves

Educational workshop for the production of jam and / or vegetable preserves starting from the plant that produces the fruit, mixing with the ingredients, cooking and packaging in jars.

LAB 05: Didactic harvest Didactic harvest until the end of October.

The didactic laboratory foresees the presentation of the piata and its growth modalities, the cutting of the grapes with scissors with rounded tip, the manual pressing, selection of the grape juice with a small press and conferring the scraps to the low court animals with which the participants will familiarize themselves by collecting eggs and demonstrating the recycling of natural vegetable waste.

LAB 06: Dry stone wall construction workshops

Educational workshop for the construction of dry stone walls typical of Alta Murgia, Unesco cultural heritage. The origin of the stones that emerge from the ground as a result of periodic plowing work is verified, the base on which to build them is defined, the guides are installed and the dry stone wall is built with ancient methods with the sole skill of human hands without adding no other material. This was the first construction that man created. Below is an explanation of its many functions including that of permanently irrigating and fertilizing. It is possible to carry out educational projects at school institutions as it happened at the second Don Saverio Valerio Didactic Circle in Gravina in Puglia.

LAB 07: Olive - oil production chain educational workshop

Educational workshop of the olive - oil supply chain. We start from the plant, we collect the olives, we explain the different cultivars intended for the production of oil and for the canteen. We proceed either with the packaging phase in the jar or if there is availability we visit an oil mill with ancient mechanical method.

LAB 08: Didactic laboratory for transforming almonds into pastries

Didactic workshop for transforming almonds into pastries. We start from the plant by explaining the methods of cultivation and pruning, we proceed with the crushing of the almond in wood, we divide the fruit from the wood, we toast the clean fruit in a typical wood-burning oven also powered by the "peels" of the almond demonstrating the recycling of materials waste, we flour the toasted almonds, we prepare the dough, we make the pastries that we bake and then, once cold, we pack them. At the end of the workshop, the participants will have a small packet of pastries.

LAB 09: Honey laboratory with a learning path on bees.

The Capone farm has didactic hives placed on its own organically grown land, therefore without the use of pesticides and insecticides. The honey laboratory is a learning journey on bees, beekeeping, honey and other hive products (wax, propolis and pollen).

LAB 10: Laboratory of the ferule

The FERULA laboratory provides for the presentation of the plant and the construction of chairs and benches using only wooden nails and the ferrule. Completely natural finished product made with the sole skill of human hands.

LAB 11: Didactic laboratory of the milk supply chain

The laboratory includes a visit to a livestock farm 2 km away. from ours to reach on foot on the path of VIA DEI PILONI. Visit to the animals, collection of raw milk, and production of primo sale cheese and ricotta as it was done in these peasant houses by milking the milk from the family cow reared in the stable adjacent to the farmhouse.

LAB 12: Educational laboratory for the recognition of edible and curative herbs

The laboratory provides for the creation of a herbarium produced from spontaneous medicinal herbs collected in the current season.

LAB 13: Laboratory of pictorial graphics on terracotta walls or tiles

The workshop involves the creation of free-themed pictorial graphics on white walls or terracotta tiles.

LAB 14: Astronomy didactic laboratory

The didactic laboratory of astronomy, at night. (held by an external expert)

LAB 15: Laboratory of physical activity and ancient games

The physical activity and ancient games laboratory with the help of the FIDAL technician Giuseppina Cardascia.

LAB 16: Terra cotta didactic laboratory for the production of pots and piggy banks

The didactic laboratory foresees the use of the lathe for the production of vases, pans, glasses, piggy banks, etc. .. Furnishings that were produced on their own in these typical peasant houses.

LAB 17: Didactic workshop of weaving

The didactic laboratory foresees the realization of baskets and other components made with wicker, suckers, elastic grasses and reeds.

LAB 18: ORIGAMI laboratory

The origami didactic workshop (held by external professionals)

LAB 19: Affective and emotional education workshop.

The affective and emotional education laboratory (held by external professionals)

LAB 20: Mindfulness workshop

The mindfulness workshop on the Dolcecanto viewpoint (held by external professionals)

LAB 21: Yoga workshop for children

The children's yoga workshop (held by external professionals)

LAB 22: Laughter yoga workshop

Laughter yoga workshop (held by external professionals)

LAB 23: Laboratory of creative pictorial art

The creative pictorial art workshop (held by external professionals)

LAB 24: The immersive flight of the Lesser Kestrel - Tour Fly View

Tour Fly View is a new tourist service organized by Fly-on which, thanks to Drones and Visors with immersive reality, will allow you to fly and visit places and spaces in a way never experienced before. Thanks to the immersive reality tours, you will be in the heart of the landscapes, at the center of the journey. Fly On organizes an immersive flight over the Belvedere at Dolcecanto. Thanks to the viewer you will be connected to the live drone flight, which will allow you to have a totally unique vision and perspective of reality. (held by external professionals) -

LAB XX: We also offer the possibility to outsiders to make their own workshops at our Masseria Didattica by providing services and didactic material. This hospitality is extended to all pre-established groups such as school groups, social cooperatives and groups of tourists organized by agencies or associations with guides.