The cellar

After a long experience in winemaking in family-produced tuff cellars, this first certified winery was built in the P.I.P. San Giuseppe Artisan of Gravina in Puglia in owned premises.

Our wines

We mainly produce PGI wines – Puglia, but also table wine with manual and


natural methods. The Dolce Canto wines are an expression of a rural area where ripe grapes are cradled by the Dolce Canto of the birds flying over the belvedere. In this natural amphitheater the grapes are kissed by the sun and the country breeze, held back by the characteristic dry stone walls, makes our soil fertile. Our wine Present, with a strong and marked character, is inspired by the figure of the wise elderly, heritage of our land. Present even when they are gone. Their benevolent resoluteness, even if at times gruff, has an influence in places and contexts in which important decisions must be made, circumstances in which it is advisable to make this wine an auspicious Present.

The Dolce Canto Rosso is a blend wine

made from Primitivo and Sangiovese.

 Vintage 2022 has 14% Vol. 

It is advisable to combine this wine with simple and genuine dishes but with strong flavors such as traditional peasant dishes.

The Dolce Canto Bianco is a blead wine made from grapes historically worked together with Gravina in Puglia and are Malvasia Bianca, Greco di Tufo and Bianco di Alessano

Vintage 2022 has 13.5% Vol.

It is advisable to combine this wine with fish-based dishes but it is also highly

appreciated in combination with typical desserts of the peasant tradition.

PRESENTE Rosso is a wine made with Primitivo grapes. We offer it in 0.75 l and 0.375 l bottles

Vintage 2022 has 14% Vol.

The vineyard

It is suggested to combine it with dishes with a strong and full-bodied character typical of the lands of Puglia

Dolcecanto Belvedere, S.P. 52 Gravina in Puglia – Poggiorsini (BA) Km. 8


Natural amphitheater enclosed by dry stone walls, facing south at 425 m. s.l.m. Production limited to 80 quintals / ha Growing of espalier vines with an eco-sustainable method. manual harvest in the early morning and destemming of the grapes in the cellar. Spurred cordon pruning.